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2020 altered the lives and plans of millions of people around the world. Forlesket’s founder, Kirsten Kyllingstad was no exception. Kirsten became a flight attendant because she loves helping people and she loves being a world traveler. When Covid-19 hit, socialization became severely limited and Kirsten went on voluntary furlough from her job to help her company avoid layoffs and to prevent being placed on involuntary furlough. 

Never one to sit idle, Kirsten began thinking how to continue bringing joy to people while sharing her love of world travel. From this thinking, Forelsket was born. Forlesket is a Norwegian word for the feeling of euphoria one gets when falling in love. 

When you use our handmade bath products and immerse yourself in the worldly scents we have infused them with, you’ll feel the same simultaneous tranquility and excitement falling in love offers. 

When we travel, we love to immerse ourselves in the traditions and culture of the places we visit. And now, through our products, we want to share the joy that world travel brings us.

We understand, now more than ever, it’s not always possible to travel to exotic locations at a moment’s notice. So, every product you order from Forelsket comes with a picture and detailed information about the place your chosen scent originates from.

Until you can visit the world, let us bring the scents of the world to you.

- Forelsket

Lofoten, Norway
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