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Let your Flight Attendants know just how much you appreciate them with one of our gift sets. A small gesture goes a long way. These thoughtful gift sets come in groups of four and are set up for ease. Each item is individually gift wrapped in an organza bag with a hand stamped "Merci Beaucoup" tag. Then, these are all placed in a larger organza bag for you to transport them. Place one gift set in your luggage for the return trip home and carry the second gift set with you down the jet bridge. Hand the bag off to the Flight Attendants when you board the plane and voila! Gift of Appreciation done. Easy! And so worth it. Trust me.


Choose from 4 travel size Bath Bombs, 4 Shower Steamers, or a combination of both. Orders will be filled with a selection of what we have in stock.

Flight Attendant Gift Sets

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