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My Covid Silver Lining

Here I am on June 30th, the final day of my 9-month furlough, all Covid restrictions have been lifted here in Oregon, and I find myself reflecting on the last year. While my furlough was only 9-months, I also took leave in April, May, June, and July of last year. Just over a year of not working.

I know I am not alone in this. Many people lost their jobs. Many people’s jobs simply ceased to exist in the time of Covid. People scrambled to figure out what to do with kids who weren’t able to attend school while the parents continued to need to go to work every day. There were so many wrenches thrown into so many different things. Our very way of life was turned over.

Despite all the hardships that were presented, I have some very treasured silver linings that I will keep with me forever from this time.

I was able to have dinner nearly every night with my family. I am very blessed to have a husband to do the cooking, so I got to enjoy so many delicious home cooked meals. I was surrounded by my family, and we talked and laughed and joked and discussed and dreamed so many different things. We watched movies together. We took walks together. The time I was able to spend with them every day is truly something special.

I was able to be involved with my 7-year-old’s schooling. Picking him up from school and asking how his day was or what he did is usually answered with a “Good,” and an “I can’t remember.” This way I knew what he was doing and we could talk about it and share in a way that we don’t always have. He learned so many things that were then shared with us in a different way. Our active conversations about the topics helped deepen his knowledge and understanding, and dare I say it, we learned some things too!

I was able to spend time around the house taking care of projects. Monstrous weeding in the garden beds, pressure washing the driveway, and hanging pictures that have still been in the “things to take care of” box from moving in almost two years ago to name a few.

Finally, I was able to start this business. I have had so much fun making all the products. I have always enjoyed being crafty and creating things. I like making things with my hands and being artistic. I love traveling and learning about other people and places, cultures and traditions. What I love about this business is that I get to do all that and then I also get to share it with so many more people. It hasn’t all been easy but I have persevered and I know I have left a lasting impression and a life lesson for each of my boys. I have had so much support from both of them and my husband and I know that we are truly in it all together.

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